Welcome to Macabee Martial Arts Seattle

Meditation in May

4-week meditation course, Wednesday evenings in May. Click here to learn more.

Check out our Kung Fu Adventure Camps, April 9-13 and Summer Camps in July and August. Click here to learn more and register.

Get strong, have fun, and learn the art of kung fu and the craft of self defense. Macabee Martial Arts Seattle is led by Sifu Kimberly Bowen, 3rd degree black belt in Shaolin White Dragon Kung Fu, certified American Women’s Self Defense instructor and Commando Krav Maga Level 2 Instructor. Sifu Kim continues the Shaolin White Dragon style of Macabee Martial Arts International, founded by Master Jacob Lunon.

We work with you to build your strength, agility, flexibility, and skills from whatever your level of fitness and experience.

Courses include traditional Shaolin White Dragon Kung Fu for all ages and levels as well as Krav Maga Self Defense training for teens and adults and Kung Fu Vacation and Summer Camps.